Karen Lindstrom & Monterey Bay Molson

3/18/60 - 4/13/02


I met Karen in the summer of 1981 at my place of employment. She was a summer intern with her college major in Electrical Engineering. Within weeks we had fallen in love and when she completed her last semester of college we began a 20 year adventure in life.

In the summer of 1987, we moved into our first home that was large enough for dogs. Within weeks, Karen had brought home Molson, this quiet little puppy from a breeder in South San Jose. Karen learned the hard way about all of the health problems a golden could have. Through it all, Karen fell in love with Molson and the Golden Retriever breed. Molson's life was full and long, living to the ripe old age of 13 years, due directly to Karen's love and devotion.

Karen soon realized that electrical engineering was not her calling and began devoting her life to the Golden Retriever breed. She engaged in rescuing and fostering Golden Retrievers and served as a President Of Northern California Golden Retriever Rescue. As the years progressed, Karen's interest in the breed expanded to health and conformation issues as she endeavored to improve the general condition of the breed. Education was a tireless effort, as Karen worked with her friends in the United States and worldwide to find solutions to the health issues in the Golden Retriever breed. The GRWeekly magazine was started by Karen in the summer 1999 as a means to communicate information to Golden Retriever fanciers.

On April 13, 2002 Karen passed away. She was loved and admired by many people, and will be missed by all, but mostly by me. She was my best friend and soul mate. May God take care of her and bless her.

After 12 years of running the GRWeekly, I have decided to shut it down. I have left this front cover as a remembrance to her.

Paul Lindstrom

Devoted Husband & Friend